Facade and faces of Berlin

‘You are crazy, my child. You must go to Berlin.’

— Franz von Suppé, Austrian composer, 1800

“Berlin” was one city in Germany that was always close to my heart and ever since I was 13 years old, I heard stories about the city in all aspects. The crazy one. The historical one. Adventure one. The happy one. An emotional one.

The Capital of Germany. A city which took the most beating. Well all in all I must admit, Berlin is one city I never imagined it to be after living in Frankfurt for almost 2 years. The awfully dull life in Frankfurt is to never be compared to the life in Berlin . A city that touched my heart in many ways.

First admiration for the city was the day I stepped my foot into the city. Snowy BUT great!! Cold BUT great!

The view from my room was what was exciting. Close to Warschauer Strasse, OHHH Yeaaaaah! The Party Hub of Berlin, was an interesting place to stay as the all the buildings in the street were Funky and colorful, something that is a rare sight in Frankfurt.


That day, a walk through the street of Check point charlie, I was in awe with the contrasting & divergent textures flowing through the city.

A sunday couldn’t make a difference to the city with the bright bold colored facades gleaming on to you.


With great colors, comes great nightlife…!

Warschauer strasse has the best known nightlife in Berlin with funky clubs and parties. There is a particular alley with cassiopeia and that day being a sunday has a lot of people and the crowd was crazy!

By 23:00, the club was packed with people and the music was booming with all the kicker tables occupied! Loved the energy , loved the funky life of Berlin.

All the walls were painted with fun filled graffiti which made me smile and click pictures throughout. Continue reading “Facade and faces of Berlin”