Christmas in Croatia (Part 2)

 Well, Everybody is always excited to go visit one of the places where Game of Thrones has been shot right? I certainly was! Just the idea of seeing the Dubrovnik Castle got me excited .

Post an overnight drive, I was welcomed to Dubrovnik with a beautiful view of the Sea with the sun rising majestically over it. It was calming. Calm to idea of the new year celebrating at the Dubrovnik Old town. Yes , totally calm.
As the sun rose & the day getting warmer, the happiness came out radiating. It was the feeling of feeling younger all over again where I just wanted to discover all that was new. Here, it was the place, culture, people and food. Well, Croatia is one country that did not disappoint any aspects.

The sea was calming, the settlement was a hilltop one where all the buildings were above each other, very compact and eye pleasing. The breeze by the sea, ever calming, ever peaceful and refreshing. I totally dig the idea of visiting east europe during this period of time as they are culturally more rooted and take an interest to celebrate something , anything with all their heart. The effort is seen. The christmas markets were still on which was surprising as they usually stop the markets in Germany by the 23rd of December.


Dubrovnik , being a compact, cozy town, welcomes you directly to the Dubrovnik Old town. The winding curvy roads just lead you directly here and oh how beautiful it was!

It is like being in a fantasy world , definitely not the royal feeling but this was festive, feeling of curiosity. The small shops on either side is fulfilling. A small place just for you, to spend the whole day there. The Old city gives you much to explore, the city itself has a variety of ends that leaves you with incredible views for photographs and the experience is very fulfilling.


The whole of the Old city is very coherent with it’s materiality, stone that is used all over, buildings, roofs, walking pavement, staircase also including the high walls around the city.


The first level of exploring takes you to places to the different view points at the ground level. The first point being the entrance, the opposite end of it opens out to a harbor with ferries parked , a very peaceful outlook. The settlement of Dubrovnik can be seen at the far end of the hill. As the sun sets, the lights start flickering on, and the whole scene changes, almost-like floating lights around you.

Travelling to Croatia during winter seems very desirable and pleasing. It is easier to break away from the German Winter and come to much needed warmer climate.

It is in the winter evenings too that not many people come around here but this place was just great to chill and unwind. Time was in my hands, I honestly enjoyed it. It was indeed very calming. We enjoyed our time by clicking a couple of pictures and stare into the incoming darkness that transitioned to twinkly lights.


Isn’t it fun exploring a place that you have no clue about? Just by free will, if you can wander about and just find places without googling.

As we all started wandering, we reached a point where the of linear, narrow , corridor-like spaces with housing settlement on either side emerged.

The houses were either used as habitation by either the localities or the tourists by airbnb. These houses looked lovely and there was that certain charm to it.

[ p.s : Mind you, there are a lot of cats wandering about, some of them being tom cats. ]

This whole place looked very picturesque, each of the addition that has happened over a period of time indeed just looks organic and beautiful. There was something beautiful about this settlement. There was a particular style that was followed by the people, in their own way.

Could really pass off as wallpaper 🙂

But really, walking through this helps understanding this walled city so much more better. There were these cafes that popped out in between every milestone that was again a viewpoint to the sea that stretches far out to the small islands that popped out from the clear blue sea.


Walking up through walls is definitely the biggest excitement. The point of start and end are the same so no worries about that but the route that comes inbetween the start and the end is extremely exciting. It takes up atleast 5 to 6 hours of the time so pack up well!

The journey launches off with a full view to the city outside and the entrance to the Old town and the rest of the inside. The excitement shot up further as the view to the New Year’s party came into light.

As the journey continues, different levels and openings of the old town can be seen, including the place of shooting for the Game of Thrones, view to the ocean, islands, harbors, houses, cafes, restaurants. The view is so culturally and visually very rich and a sunny day at the time of the walk is the best!

The main excitement : New Year Celebration.

Well, I might be a year late to write this blog but it is never too late to go to this place and experience the New Year like the way I did. The set up is very extravagant but very beautiful. The mode of entertainment is on the lines of Mediterranean music, just music, famous Croatian musicians are called over to perform, and its definitely something to chill to. There is no party or intense alcohol consumption, it was a very chill and peaceful evening here. Well of course, the performers change every year and there are parties to look out for as well.

This is a must-experience!


Post the mellow New year, next day, decided to kick off the brand new day by walking up the hilltop opposite to the old town. There is a walkway to the top with a small castle at the top. The overview to this hilltop is totally great.

The full view to the Old town comes into full sight for the eyes to feast on. It stands magnificent, glorious, striking and commanding!!

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Author: Bourbonsummer

Studying Masters in Architecture. Specializing in Urban Design. Exploring Europe : Slowly. Love Taking Pictures of Buildings. Architect by profession and creative thinker by lifestyle.

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