Facade and faces of Berlin

‘You are crazy, my child. You must go to Berlin.’

— Franz von Suppé, Austrian composer, 1800

“Berlin” was one city in Germany that was always close to my heart and ever since I was 13 years old, I heard stories about the city in all aspects. The crazy one. The historical one. Adventure one. The happy one. An emotional one.

The Capital of Germany. A city which took the most beating. Well all in all I must admit, Berlin is one city I never imagined it to be after living in Frankfurt for almost 2 years. The awfully dull life in Frankfurt is to never be compared to the life in Berlin . A city that touched my heart in many ways.

First admiration for the city was the day I stepped my foot into the city. Snowy BUT great!! Cold BUT great!

The view from my room was what was exciting. Close to Warschauer Strasse, OHHH Yeaaaaah! The Party Hub of Berlin, was an interesting place to stay as the all the buildings in the street were Funky and colorful, something that is a rare sight in Frankfurt.


That day, a walk through the street of Check point charlie, I was in awe with the contrasting & divergent textures flowing through the city.

A sunday couldn’t make a difference to the city with the bright bold colored facades gleaming on to you.


With great colors, comes great nightlife…!

Warschauer strasse has the best known nightlife in Berlin with funky clubs and parties. There is a particular alley with cassiopeia and that day being a sunday has a lot of people and the crowd was crazy!

By 23:00, the club was packed with people and the music was booming with all the kicker tables occupied! Loved the energy , loved the funky life of Berlin.

All the walls were painted with fun filled graffiti which made me smile and click pictures throughout.

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The following day, Doors and facades were my main obsession. The mix of the decorated facade gave it a gleaming demeanor on a sunny day.

They looked welcoming which almost made me go inside.

The beauty of the facade came with the contrasting beauty against the style of the doors. Contrasting yet BEAUTIFUL.

The striking facade had a beautiful texture that seamlessly blended into the urban structure of the city. Contrasting yet MAJESTIC.

Classic Style :  The classic architecture with texture facade cannot be missed. Classic Le Corbusier Facade.

Irrespective of that, it is interesting to walk around the building observing the different aspects and shades to the buildings, with different grid divisions. The bright bold colors added on to it makes it the most interesting thing detaching it away from the boring classic building example.

It is okay to walk inside the building to look around the gallery. There is also a small cafe attached to the gallery which gives you a small breather.



The Weird Building Series : I was deeply fascinated with the colors used for most of the buildings in Berlin. Some were bright shades, few were just weird looking buildings with cream paint, and some with pointy structures falling out through the facade. But, it was all interesting to me not because I have never come across such buildings but the fact that it stood in a country like Germany.

Living in Frankfurt, one usually never sees an eye-popping color for a building or even a bright shade of paint.

51Pastel shades of paint with monotonous series of windows but hey! look at the ghastly yet sexy post modern building here.

56Walking down the road from Berlin PhilHarmonie, I came across a corner building that caught my attention. Usually, one finds a sharp edged structure standing tall at the corner but wave-like building was one of my favorite indeed.

61Wonder what those extensions are !

On a closer look, one can observe the contrasting textures from one building to another. Mesmerizing indeed.


Something for everybody to enjoy would be the bauhaus- archiv by Walter Gropius. It is seen as a small structure with the first glance but has a museum with an attached library , a well seated cafe along with a shop with some cool things.

It is not just a boring white building after all as the highlight is on the blunt saw-toothed roof which makes it more cute comfortable sized building for you to be in.

The GSW headquarters reminded me of a single structure version of Marina Bay in Singapore. This one was definitely a pretty sight with color coded window covers on the facade and super sleek in section. It doesn’t feel intimidating or monumental inspite of the scale of it.

At a break point, and I quote “Never miss a building with a plain facade” because it can surprise you when you enter it and find out what it might be :).


There is this one famous Architect who I have come across while studying in Germany who has a few buildings built around and a couple of sculptures. Goes by the name John Hejduk. All his buildings for sure comes under the category “weird” but with a ton of beauty.

This is in close proximity to the Jewish Museum, Berlin. The facade could be any possible thing you can imagine. Sanest would be a face.


While we are faces, the Jewish Museum is definitely not to miss out on ! FYI : The ticket is super cheap if you are a student.

A beautiful experience in a museum with some wonderful art installations in it. There is a lot to it whether you are an Architect or not.


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At the Northern Part of Berlin, near Bernauer Strasse, a quaint little church sits on the cracks of the Berlin wall that existed a couple of years ago.  It is called “chapel of Reconciliation. The sight of it is very calming and it has a very interesting design. It is double layered with a wall inside the wood structure. Unfortunately, it was closed when I visited the chapel so I have no idea what the inside looks like.

Just for the sake of being an Architect, I had to visit the Embassy of the Netherland by OMA (Rem Koolhas), and the Tempodrom is a building that I stumbled upon when I was visiting the Berlin story Bunker. Upon looking up, I realized it is an event venue. Pretty Cool I have to admit.

How can I not talk about food. One place that is a must-eat are the Döner/ Durum from the Mustafa’s. There are two of them that I visited, One at the mehringdamm and the other at the Warschauer strasse. Loved it so much that ate them for two days. Well, I hope this has put Berlin on your next visit!





Author: Bourbonsummer

Studying Masters in Architecture. Specializing in Urban Design. Exploring Europe : Slowly. Love Taking Pictures of Buildings. Architect by profession and creative thinker by lifestyle.

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  1. Well written Mahima…a flash back for me..though I did not look at the buildings from an architect point of view..the buildings were
    truly mesmerising..

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